Have you brought a lenovo laptop recently? The lenovo superfish removal is for you.

If so you may not realise that the manufactures may have preinstalled some software which puts your browsing at risk. To prevent this you should consider.. lenovo superfish removal Chinese computer maker Lenovo is offering customers a tool to help them remove pre-installed software that experts warned was a security risk. The Superfish adware program […]



‘Poweliks’ malware found on Anglesey

  I had my first experience of removing the Poweliks’ malware on a customer’s PC today.  This malware is the first of a new bread which attempts to evade detection and analysis by running entirely from the system registry in the Pc’s memory without creating files on disk. Once it is running in memory, the rogue […]

Best free software seldom is!

  We are all attracted to the term “Best free software”. How many of use run a free antivirus on our PC ? If they are really free then how do the developers make any money?             The answer is by adding other nagging software to your downloads while you […]



Which provider is best for fibre broadband on Anglesey?

  It has recently been announced that all BT exchanges on Anglesey have now been enabled for super fast broadband http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/superfast-cymru-project-reaches-across-8358697 Now that all the exchanges have been enabled the next question is which provider is best for fibre broadband on Anglesey? BT, Sky, Plus net, Talk talk. Virgin Media: for the best speeds Plusnet: […]

Anglesey village has ‘snail’s pace’ broadband

AN ANGLESEY village is still suffering from “snail’s pace” download speeds – despite being hooked up to superfast internet exchange. Web users in Llanddona are enduring speeds of 0.8mbps, well below the 80mbps expected from fibre optic broadband, according to the village’s county councillor Carwyn Jones. Welsh broadband organisation Superfast Cymru said the new technology […]



Best 3g coverage for Anglesey ?

Which provider is best for 3g coverage on Anglesey ? Ofcom have just published their latest report on 3G coverage around the UK. The maps for Anglesey are interesting showing EE had the best 3g coverage as of June 2014.