Erase data from an Android phone

A recent study has shown that people who dispose of Android phones may be leaving data for other to see. To make sure that your phone is more secure before you dispose of it you should carry out these steps. 1) Encrypt the data on your phone¬† ( Normally under enter settings, click on Security, […]



A prayer for computer users

Our Windows, who ar’t on harddrives Wide open your ports You viruses come, On win 8.1 as it is on XP Give us this day our daily ServicePacks and forgive our Linux partitions as we forgive those flaws from your drivers and lead us not into the blue screen but deliver us from software conflicts. […]

Cryptolocker cracked

  A few month ago I warned of a new type of malware called cryptolocker which was holding peoples files to ransom if the PC became infected. At that time there was no way to decrypt the files with out paying a ransom. Well this has now changed and the decryption key can now be […]

caravan wifi

Improve business WiFi reception on Anglesey

I have had two jobs this week in which I was asked to improve WiFi coverage at local businesses. The first was a local hotel which needed to improve the reception in an onsite caravan. The caravan occupiers were using a standard USB WiFi receiver to try and obtain WiFi signal from the main router […]

How to keep kids safe online.

If you have young children who use a PC at home there are a number of steps which you can take to keep them safe and which allow you to monitor the web sites that they are browsing. One of the easiest way is to set up ” Microsoft family safety” which is a suite […]