Windows 10 tutorial

Has you PC jor laptop just updated to windows 10 and you are not sure where your favorite controls are? This windows 10 tutorial should help.


Windows 10 user manual

Do you need a windows 10 user manual? Lenovo have produced a good guide which can be downloaded from below.

Windows 10 and your privacy

None of us are invisible on the internet. Every thing that you do forms a trail which advertisers can follow and then use to offer taylored adverts directly to you. This is not new, supermarkets have been watching what we buy for ages and try to tempt us into buying special offers. Windows 10 takes […]


Is Windows 10 slowing down your internet speed ?

Microsoft’s brand new operating system, Windows 10, automatically downloads and installs updates and security patches. That’s a good thing because it keeps your computer safe. Windows 10 employs a system of sharing updates between users’ PCs and across their own networks rather than download direct from Microsoft. The system is called Windows Update Delivery Optimisation, […]

Should I update to Windows 10?

Many of you may be aware of the fact that Microsoft will be releasing the latest version of their operating system called Windows 10 on July 29th.  There are some great new features in the tech giant’s offering.  However, you may want to wait, or at least be very careful, before you make the jump […]


BB coverage

Superfast broadband coverage on Anglesey

  BT have recenly updated their estimate for superfast broadband coverage on Anglesey. The press release talks of 480,000 premises able to access faster broadband because of the roll-out and superfast coverage of 79%. The roll-out has effectively doubled the availability of superfast in Wales and around  78% can receive a superfast service at 24 […]