Business IT support on Anglesey

I have been trying to improve the technical support offered to my Business clients and came across the following training video which may be of use to other Technical support engineers. Technical support video  


How to test a hard drive

I often get called out to a “slow or buggy” PC. Often this is caused by too many programs starting up when the PC is first turned on but yesterday during the start up I noticed that the hard drive was making some weird noises.  The PC was a few years old and the owner […]

Which programs should I remove?

Which programs should i remove from my computer?   When your PC starts to slow down it is often because you have a lot of programs which have been installed and are running which you either may not know about or not needed. If you navigate to the control panel, add & remove programs to […]


New mobile tech product for Anglesey

  Following years of research and development a new mobile tech produce , which was developed in Sweden, has now become available for use on Anglesey. The technology has been especially developed to be used in rural areas with poor broadband connectivity. The manufactures claim that the product has an extended battery life and can […]

Power configuration

I have a few business clients who I use remote access software to connect to their PC out of normal hours to carry out maintenance etc. In some cases a new customer may ask me to do this and I have had problems if the PC has gone into a power saving mode after they […]


Erase data from an Android phone

A recent study has shown that people who dispose of Android phones may be leaving data for other to see. To make sure that your phone is more secure before you dispose of it you should carry out these steps. 1) Encrypt the data on your phone  ( Normally under enter settings, click on Security, […]