Should I update to Windows 10?

Many of you may be aware of the fact that Microsoft will be releasing the latest version of their operating system called Windows 10 on July 29th.  There are some great new features in the tech giant’s offering.  However, you may want to wait, or at least be very careful, before you make the jump […]


BB coverage

Superfast broadband coverage on Anglesey

  BT have recenly updated their estimate for superfast broadband coverage on Anglesey. The press release talks of 480,000 premises able to access faster broadband because of the roll-out and superfast coverage of 79%. The roll-out has effectively doubled the availability of superfast in Wales and around  78% can receive a superfast service at 24 […]

Who looks at your tweets

A free service from twitter allows you to get a feel for who is looking at your tweets. The service can be via the tweet activity dashboard Just browse to to see all sorts of information about your tweets.



Responsive web design

Have you noticed more and more people check there emails on a smart phone or tablet these days? These people are probably also checking out your web site on the same mobile equipment. If you have an older type web site it may not display correctly on these newer mobile devices. This could mean that […]

How to improve home wifi signal strength

          Do you need to improve home wifi signal strength because your devices are unable to reach the internet? This video from shows how to get the best from your existing router. If you need any more advice, please get in touch or follow us on social media :- Twitter : […]

Windows 10 local account

For reference, here’s how to create a local account AFTER having already installed Windows 10 (Technical Preview): Go to Start and open the “Settings” app. Open “Accounts”. Open the “Other user accounts” tab. Tap/click “Add an account” under “Manage other accounts”. On the very bottom, tap/click the text that says “Sign in without a Microsoft […]