Anglesey Broadband speeds

Anglesey Broadband speeds continue to creep up slowly.

The lastest figures suggest that 78.2% of people on Anglesey can now receive “superfast” broadband of at least 30Mbps.

Anglesey Broadband speeds

This is up just 1% from the June 2016 figure of around 77.2%


The roll out of Fibre to the Cab (FTTC) started to increase q3 2013 and the average speed available has not increased substantially since then.


The picture is a little better with Mobile coverage which has increased substanstaiily in the last 18 months.


My own experience is that the EE 3g and 4g mobile coverage on the island has improved to a situation where it is now usable in many places. The same does not appears to be the case with some of the other mobile operators as you move further from the mainland. I would be interested in here your experience of mobile broadband access on the island.